Internet Safety – It’s not as useless as you think!

‘Internet safety’

Those two words ring a bell? I’m sure they do. 

The internet in itself is probably the most fascinating and interesting world ever… filled with tons of educational, social, practical and various other opportunities. The cyber ‘paradise’ has people from almost any country that you could think of and even more. There is a chance for everyone to explore and get to know more about the world that they live in. As much as you would want to enjoy your experience with other people, there are some things YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW. Some of you might relate to it, some of you won’t but that how you and I are different :) 

First and foremost: Please don’t expect to meet ALL sane people over the internet. I encourage your desire to be nice, kind and friendly but some people will

1.assume things about you

2.ask too many questions and of course..

3.ask the most OBVIOUS questions ever.

4.You might also encounter mean, opinionated people.. try to change their mind if you want to or else stop wasting your time with them. You don’t deserve that kind of hate and mistreatment. Move on! 


If you want to practice patience, this is your best shot. Or else, block, ignore and delete are your only choices. As rude as that sounds, it’s true.. it happens and it always will. 

2: A lot of times, people are not who they tell you they are! Get used to it. Sometimes, they’re not what you see or think of. So many times, they end up being nothing like they tell you about themselves. Remember, the internet is a place to be whoever you want to be and some people use this as a tool to be anything they want to but unfortunately can’t be IN REAL LIFE. But it doesn’t mean that honest people do not exist online… they do. Just be careful. Don’t trust too fast and don’t go around talking to people with your heart on your sleeve. 

If you want to see what happens if you roll that way, please watch catfish – the movie and/or the TV series. You’ll be shocked at what people end up doing out of boredom, jealously, anger and embarrassment.  

3. Facebook, Twitter, Skype are personal social interaction portals – These are the places that give people full access to your details, pictures and life events so be careful of who you expose yourself to. This can be taken advantage of.

You might end up having stalkers, pictures would be stolen and you’d not want to skype with strangers of course. You could be blackmailed! You might or might not know, but people who are not you and find you attractive or pretty end up stealing your profile/cover pictures and make fake profiles of you. They then talk to other people and that’s how your information gets circulated without you even knowing. Please don’t turn a yay into an OOPS!:/ You have privacy settings for a reason, make good use of them! 

4. Google search is much more useful than you think! This is the one thing that I have learned while watching catfish. It is to Google search images! People end up acting like someone else and provide you with pictures of models, actors or celebrities who you might not have any idea about and there is not much chance that it’s actually them. (well, d-uh). This has happened to me twice, I’ve caught them and confronted them about it. It’s a ripoff when you think people are being just as honest as you but then realize that you were wrong about them all along. I’ve got pictures of models telling me it’s them but they just ended up being liars. Even when you’re online to look for friendly and honest people with no intention of anything else, people end up lying to you. Watch out for yourself! Liars are plenty in number! They come in various shapes, sizes and types! 

5. Steer clear of cheesy guys or sex chat addicts – Run!  Block, delete and remove them off your lists as fast as you can. Under no circumstance do you fall into sending them your full body pictures in tight fitting clothes. If you don’t believe me then go to your app store or play store and check the comments/ reviews under any popular social networking app like kik messenger, you will find guys commenting below their usernames to ‘trade pictures of girls’ with other guys and fap on it. Never give in on them! Have self respect and if someone ends up talking like that to you, block their existence from your life. 

6. Phone numbers are not for people who you know over the internet: Do not bother exchanging phone numbers unless you’re absolutely sure. No wait, on a second thought. It;s too much of a risk. Just don’t. If it’s someone crazy.. they’re either going to share your number with other people.  OR …Call, text and pester you or send you obscene and annoying messages! Better be safe than sorry, Don’t give into such practices or if you’ve already made that mistake, download applications that have blocklists and add those numbers in there so that you stop being bothered anymore. 

And finally, enjoy the experience all in all. It’s very hard to find friends over the internet but it isn’t impossible. I have an online friend from Lebanon and we have known each other for seven years now. We still talk and keep in touch and he’s not a freak! I know a lot of other people who are nice but I had to swim through a crazy amount of jerks, idiots and weirdos to finally find just a few who are nice and brilliant! :) 
You will find people who will hate what you like, put your personal views down, talk crap about wherever you’re from, have very demeaning opinions about your background and personally I’ve come across ALOT of male chauvinists. It’s going to be so difficult but if you’re willing to do it.. please be careful! 

Happy internet sharing:) Keep safe x 

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